Adidas Size? City Pack Collaboration

Adidas Size? City Pack

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary, Size? teamed up with Adidas and developed a City Series based on existing models of Adidas originals.  The changes were inspired in the most part by cultural aspects of six chosen Cities – London, Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow, Cardiff and finally, Birmingham.

These pieces are very limited; only 500 pairs were ever made and each shoe has a little reminder of their limited nature on them, which is a wicked touch.

Adidas London

Adidas London

On March 20th 2010, the series started out with the London’s and as a homage to the capital, Adidas and Size? designed a poppy red shoe with a black accent (a very British colourway) that displays the name, London on the side panel, adjacent to the 3 Stripes logo.

Adidas London

Adidas Manchester

The second of the series, the Adidas Manchester, followed soon after on April 27th 2010.  This version sported a pale blue with red complimentary stripes colourway; A gold Manchester trim finishing off the design.  The demand for these shoes was phenomenal with people queuing for up to 18 hours to get their hands on them.

Adidas Manchester

Both the London and the Manchester were done up in a suede/nubuck combination with accompanying jackets in colours corresponding to each.

Adidas Dublin

Adidas Dublin

the 19th June 2010 saw the release of the adidas Dublin (as usual, Size? has a store there!) in a great orange and blue upper in classic gum rubber sole.  This trainer is not the same as it came in a leather build with suede detailing unlike the 2008 version that came in a predominantly suede upper.

Adidas Glasgow

Adidas Glasgow

The Glasgow has a dark blue colourway with salmon pink detailing, plus a perforated tongue and ‘handwritten’ Glasgow branding for the trainers, not to mention a white contrast sole.  The fourth in the Size ? City Series was released on September 4th 2010.

Adidas Cardiff

Adidas Cardiff

The fifth of six instalments of the slimline shoe, the Cardiff released on 30th October 2010 boasted a Black and Yellow colourway inspired by the cross of St. David, the Patron Saint of Wales. The Adidas Cardiff comes with a leather upper, gum sole, suede detailing for the toe, dimpled tongue and the Cardiff name in ‘handwritten’ text on the side.

Adidas Birmingham

Adidas Birmingham

The sixth and final city represented in the Adidas Size ? series is the Adidas Birmingham.  Released on December 18th 2010 and inspired by Cadbury chocolates, which is a cultural institution within the Birmingham area with its factory located in Bournville.

Based on the original Spezial silhouette, Cadbury’s signature purple colours are translated on the suede upper, which is contrasted with white leather on the heel tab and stripes. The Cadbury inspiration continues with its cursive font used to spell out Birmingham in gold on the side panel while the kicks rest on a chocolate gum sole.

The bittersweet backstory is that size? picked Cadbury – the symbolically English company – as the inspiration for this shoe, but Cadbury was famously sold to Kraft foods, in a very controversial deal.  Corporate politics aside, it’s a great shoe to finish the 10th anniversary series.

So there you have it – The Adidas Size ? City Series 2010 Collaboration.  With only 500 of each shoe ever produced, brand new versions are naturally now as rare as hen’s teeth but we at Iamdeadstock have sourced limited sizes here.

WE HAVE LTD AVAILABILITY (simply enter the city name in the Shop search box) - BE QUICK!

104 thoughts on “Adidas Size? City Pack Collaboration

  1. Jordan says:

    Good afternoon,

    I have a pair of Londons and Dublins in a size 9 from this series that i am willing to listen to offers for. Unfortunately I do not have the original box and they have been worn a handful of times but are in very good condition.

    If anyone is interested please feel free to get in touch and make me an offer…


  2. Brian Thom says:

    These Manchester’s are truly unique and left a few people in the know flabbergasted and unable to put a value on these. Came out factory in Vietnam somehow. Got tech spec etc factory info inside right trainer and stamped with sample not for resale so we are amazed these ended up in our possession. Been described as once in lifetime chance of this happening to someone

  3. Brian Thom says:

    I have the sample pair of Manchester’s unlike the other 499 or 500 these have tartan around the collar. Doing research but we think these are only pair in existence. If anyone got more info we will appreciate this

  4. Jamie ferguson says:

    Hi I am after any adidas city limited edition trainers you have size 10.5. I would like to try get one pair of each city could you please let me know if this is something you can help me with. Thanks

  5. Lee Williams says:

    I recently opened the lid to my 1/500 London’s, there BN and have literally lifted the lid about three times….. always been in storage.
    I’ve noticed they are really pink??? Compared to the latest release.
    They have never been exposed to sunlight or got damp…. is this the norm?! I’ve googled images and a lot seem to have gone this way. Any info / advice appreciated, …..

  6. Lee says:

    Hi Guys, does anyone know the release date of the original Adidas Manchester trainer (2002/03?)
    *Not the above 1/500.

    From memory there were only 400 pairs ever made if I remember correctly of the original release??

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Lee,
      Can’t remember the actual month in 2002 (they were released for the start of the Manchester Commonwealth games) – if you have a pair, the month and year are shown on the inside of the tongue. Amazing that a lot of these ended up in the sales bin – they were retailing for around £25 at one stage, mad …
      Regards Iamdeadstock

      • Lee says:

        Thank you for the info, (I did not know whey were released for the commonwealth games) yup inside the tongue they say 07/02
        Do these have significant value against the limited edition re-issue in your opinion (BNIB)? Am I correct there were only 400 made?
        Thanks again mate. Lee

        • iamdeadstock says:

          Hi Lee,
          They’ll definitely have value (and potentially significant) but as always, this is dependent on the condition they are in and whether you’ve got the original box/tags/packaging etc. Re no’s made, not 100% sure as mists of time have clouded things but 400 sounds about right.
          Regards Tom

  7. Richard says:

    Hi! I just purchased Adidas Birmingham and they are awesome. I would like to know 1 thing, just curious: are there 500 pairs of every size or only 500 birmingham trainers overall? I suppose they are 500 overall, but still…

  8. James mahlik says:

    Posting again as can’t see my post.
    I have a Adidas city series manchester jacket xl never worn. Was in storage and only just found. Want to sell at the right price to an enthusiast.

  9. Tony McCann says:

    Hi, very interested in all city series especially Glasgow and Birmingham in a 9.5 or 10!!! Please get in touch if you get some in, thanks.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Jon,
      No problem – added to our “Book” for them matey – if we et them, they tend to be a size 9 or 10 so hopefully you will be lucky 🙂
      Kind regards
      Barney at Iamdeadstock

    • George says:

      I have the Glasgow zip up in a small if you are interested in buying it. Was worn once- immaculate condition. Bought from size in Bristol on the 4th September 2010.

      • iamdeadstock says:

        Morning George,
        Thanks for your offer but we only sell clothing and shoes that are brand new complete with their original box / wrappings / tags etc You will be able to sell your top via Ebay pretty quickly I would imagine 🙂
        Kind regards
        Barney at Iamdeadstock

  10. Nick says:

    Hi, I own a pair of adidas Cardiff trainers unworn still in the box with tags on size 10
    Also includes the matching book to go with it!
    Just wondered what the interest in these shoes are like and what kind of price I would be looking at??

  11. ashley says:

    I was wondering are the tracktops individually numbered 1,2,3 etc or do they all say “1 of 300”

    Many thanks all the way from sunny Farnworth


    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Matey,
      We’ve sold out of our 1 of 500 series at the moment although we are always on the look out for BNIB pairs from Collectors we know – watch this space!
      Kind regards

  12. Adidas Deadstock says:

    This is an old post but I thought I’d ask. Any chance on getting an update as to whether any pairs are still available for sale? If so can you let me know sizes and models. Thanks.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Sorry Alex, not at the mo’ – always looking to get hold of them but have to wait until collectors decide to sell – sorry we couldn’t help you this time. Kind regards Iamdeadstock

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Robbie,
      We have had them and for some class deadstock trainers but limited at moment I’m afraid. Not many people with your size feet – usually good for new releases as not many going for them but it’s much harder to get holder them after a release as such a short supply. Sorry we couldn’t help you this time but please keep checking us out as we get new shoes in all the time.
      Kind regards

  13. Mark bennett says:

    Have u any size 8 in the city series I have a brand new pair of Rouge size 8 I’d b willing to swap and pay

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Mark – many thanks for your offer and your contact – I wish we had some left but unfortunately we’ve sold out now. We are always pestering collectors however, so please try us again in case we get any more in.
      Kind regards

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi there,

      Just sold our last 9’s (Birmingham & London) – keep checking us out as we tend to get a couple of pairs in every now & again (often dependant upon dealers we know releasing them so not an exact science I’m afraid).

      Thanks for your contact 🙂

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Lukas,

      Thanks for your contact,

      At the last count we didn’t have ay of the 1 of 500 series left in any size. We do have a size 12 Adidas London 2008 re-issue. This is probably the only size 12 shoe we have – we do have a number of size 11’s available in lots of other Adidas & Nike shoes.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  14. Colin says:


    I have every one of the shoes in the collection in a size 10 with the collectible booklet, totally unworn with tags still on, with the boxes.

    How much do you think I could get for the heap?


  15. Neil says:

    I have a pair of adidas Dublin from the Size? limited edition city series, size 8. Never been worn, still in the box with alternate orange laces included. I’d be willing to sell them for the right price.

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