Adidas Trainer Collections – There’s some belters out there!

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Adidas Trainer Collections – There’s some belters out there! Once upon a time, you bought a pair of trainers, wore them to go out and even played sport in them. When they were battered, you threw them out and bought another pair – owning them was as much about function as it was fashion. Roll forward to today and owning trainers paints a very different picture.

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Nowadays, you don’t own one or two pair of adidas trainers, you have an adidas trainer collection of 10 pairs or more. You are lucky if you allow yourself to wear each pair more than a few weekends each year and you have kept the original box and tags in as-new condition and store it carefully at the expense of other stuff you need the space for. The missus won’t complain though, why? Because she is as likely nowadays to have her own adidas trainer collection as you are!

Blog 10.09.15

Just one word … Wow!

Once you scoured markets, vintage shops and outlets and if you were lucky you’d find an old adidas classic in your size for £20 or so. More often than not though, you wouldn’t and most of us were thinking thoughts along the lines of “I wish someone would invent the Internet”. Blow me, someone only went and did it and all of a sudden, Ebay appeared and you starting seeing great condition adidas classics – bloody hell, I’m not the only one after all – others love ’em as well!!!

The downside though was that more and more people were seeing the same adidas trainers and the size and pair you craved others wanted also and we all know the laws surrounding Supply & Demand and what this means for prices heading north.

Adidas have tried to meet the new demand – we’ve seen re-issues of Trimm Trabs, Gazelles, Keglers, Hamburgs, Forest Hills, Island Series etc etc etc and with so much choice, it’s meant you’ve started to buy more than you can possibly wear and some you’ll never wear because they were a limited edition and they’re worth double what you paid for them one week after you bought them and this time next year they’ll be worth more still.

The upside? – apart from the fact that your adidas collection will undoubtedly rise in value (some people have assembled collections in the high hundreds of rare and limited edition trainers that they hope will one day add to their pension pot), it’s a lot more than that. For you, each pair is unique and a thing of beauty. When you do wear them, you’ll pick a special occasion and you’ll obsess about what clothing will go with the trainers. Friends will comment on your latest strides and you’ll get a buzz from that just as much about the comments that follow along the lines of how good they look with the contrasting yellow stripes. Unlike the “old” days however, when you get home, you’ll carefully check for any signs of dirt, food or drink spillage (making a mental note to tackle in the morning) and more than likely, place them back in their original /// box.

Blog 10.09.15 (2)

Adidas collections come in all shapes and sizes – those stairs would be a bit of a chore to get up!

Blog 10.09.15 (3)

Stuart’s Kegler Collection coming on nicely

Blog 10.09.15 (4)

A signature piece in Lee’s Collection stands out

Blog 10.09.15 (5)

Trimm Stars are a favourite for Chris

Blog 10.09.15 (6)

Gary shares his adidas Italia collection with us

Blog 10.09.15 (10)

Ha ha – a bigger house is needed here!

Blog 10.09.15 (9)

Some like order … and clearly some aren’t so bothered

27 thoughts on “Adidas Trainer Collections – There’s some belters out there!

  1. nicolemumbycroft says:

    OMG this looks my sons bedroom lol he already owns 15 pairs of Adidas origimals. It’s insane he started collecting them 2 yesrs ago !! He was definitely born in the wrong era but then he has grown up with me listening to the jam,stone roses,happy monday Mondays,paul weleer,oasis and he’s been passionate about football since he was 3 he has been to every home game since. He dresses either in stone island Cp clothing but also wesrs all the old 80’s clothes like Sergio techino fila, the lot. So please if anyone has any size 10 and halves to sell or 11’s please let me know as he will be ecstatic.
    Many thanks Nicole


    I’m looking for a pair of original adidas kick trainers in either size 7 or 7.5 for a christmas present. I’m looking early as i’ve found that it’s virtually impossible to obtain a pair! If anyone knows where I can buy some from please get in touch. Thanks 🙂

  3. george says:

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of Nike Internationalist PGS LTR (color anthracite) in mens UK size 11. Any ideas…? thanks

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Harry – long overdue a re-issue these as at the moment they are like rocking horse poo – Ebay, Google, FB forums are probably the best places for you to look at mo’ Regards Tom

  4. mark Bennett says:

    I’m looking for a pair of London churches hopefully don’t have to pay crazy money if use hear of anyone be much appreciated

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Mark,
      What size are you – they hard to get hold of but they do sometimes show up – Ebay also has them listed sometimes although only rarely BNIB.
      Regards Charlie at Iamdeadstock

  5. Phillipou says:

    Hi Iam looking for Adidas zx802 and zx930
    Both from the 80s please let me know if you
    Have any joy cheers phillipos london

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Phillipou – I’ve passed your message onto our Buyers but being proper vintage, tbh, I think they’ll struggle – if they say they can find them, I’ll let you know.
      Kind regards
      Barney at Iamdeadstock

  6. jamo.robbo says:

    This is an excellent piece of writing, any plans to add to it for e.g. doing a regular ‘focus’ piece on vintage/collectible trainers of different makes for each ‘focus’?

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