Stone Island Fakes and How To Identify Them

Stone Island Fakes - Clothes

Stone Island Apparel has always been popular across Europe, and with a recent resurgence in the UK driven by on-point designs, innovative materials and vibrant colours, the fashion wear produced by this iconic Italian label has become “must-have” for young and older fashionistas with lines selling out quickly.

This popularity with consumers combined with limited production runs of some garments and the relatively high price exclusivity of Stone Island’s products has led to a long-standing issue with counterfeiting. Within the UK, there have been dozens of seizures of  Stone Island fakes with Stone Island admitting that this has caused a serious drain upon their resources.

Stone Island Fakes – Some Counterfeits are Pretty Obvious

Stone Island CounterfeitsSome Stone Island fakes are pretty easy to spot – others, not so

Some counterfeit items are more obvious than others and clues are often easy to find eg buttons that aren’t branded with Stone Island. Some though are a lot tougher to find and it is necessary to dig deeper to work out whether an item is fake or not.

Stone Island Certilogo Authentication

Stone Island CertilogoTo help counter the problem, Stone Island has started protecting its products using Certilogo codes supplied by the authentication specialist. Protected clothes now include a label that allows the Customer to scan and confirm authenticity using a mobile and associated app. Alternatively, if a PC or tablet user, the code can be entered online via Certilogo’s website

Stone Island Art Numbers

Stone Island Art Number

To further protect its position, Stone Island employs an Art Number System with an appropriate identifying number found on the label upon all Stone Island garments (see the example above).

The first two numbers indicate the year with odd numbers signifying Autumn/Winter (ie 63 for Autumn / Winter 2015) and even numbers meaning Spring / Summer (so for the example given above, 64 signifies SS16).

The second two numbers (15) are the brand as follows:

  • 14 Stone Island denims
  • 15 Stone island,
  • 18 CP Company

The next character is the type of item as follows:

  • 1 Shirts
  • 2 T-shirts
  • 3 Trousers
  • 4 Jacket
  • 5 Knitwear
  • 6 Sweatshirts
  • 9 Accessories
  • J Jeans

The following four characters are associated with the cloth and the treatment used to develop the garment. Stone Island (and CP Company) own the copyright to tens of thousands of materials, colours, dye processes and techniques.

The next five letters and numbers (eg V0020) give the item dye numbers and colour and the final letters (eg in this case, M for Medium)) signify the size.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Usually Is!

Don’t assume that buying something on-line is a guarantee that the item – and seller – are genuine; there are some very devious and clever people out there and some hooky sites selling counterfeit items that often appear at first glance legitimate. Look out for obvious issues like spelling typos, poor quality images (usually ripped off from other “pukkha” websites), and methods of payment that only include Western Union, Paypal Gift or Bank Transfers none of which provide you any redress if something should go wrong with your transaction.

Remember also to take care when purchasing from private sellers using Facebook, Instagram, Ebay and other on-line sales forums – all must be approached with care but you are at least given the option to search social media for clues as to the authenticity of the seller.

Finally, Stone Island isn’t cheap (unless second hand or perhaps last seasons) so if you get offered a new sweatshirt for £30, it’s going to be a fake … and more importantly, if you are daft enough to go ahead and buy it, everyone else will know it’s a fake too.

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295 thoughts on “Stone Island Fakes and How To Identify Them

  1. Adam says:

    I bought the spring 2021 nylon backback in China apparently shipped from Germany so sold at a slight discount to retail. It has no certilogo number or qr code, just the ART number. Is it real? Looks and feels real but i was told it would have the CLG to check but it doesn’t.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Adam,
      Should have the Certilogo really – some retailers do remove it to protect their source – impossible to say therefore without an inspection – do you have a Stone Island retailer close to you at all, could be worthwhile dropping in to ask them whether they consider it to be real. Or even ask a friend who wears Stone Island, they maybe able to help as it is usually pretty easy to smell out a dodgy item in the details (zips, seams, buttons etc) Regards Tom

        • iamdeadstock says:

          Hi bud,
          The bad news is that this Art number has been widely used on counterfeit products. This does not 100% mean that your jumper is fake though so in the first instance, we suggest you should seek our more information regards its authenticity from whoever you bought the top from.
          Regards Tom at Iamdeadstock

  2. SK11 says:

    Hi, i’ve bought my son a like new jacket , and he’s been told it is a fake as no QR code inside, it is an age 14, and I see from Stone Island website they started doing the Certilogo tags 2020/21 . The Art number inside is 631640230. He’s now also questioning the Badge, as one of the “N” looks a bit like an “H”. Not sure if it is fake, or jealous kids….. 🙁

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi there – A missing Certilogo does not necesarily mean it is fake as some European suppliers take them out before selling to the UK market to protect their source – that said, we have recently been hearing that the fakers are making their items look real by removing their bogus Certilogo labels also! Art no. fine, should be an Autumn/Winter 15 Soft Shell jacket – btw, Stone Island hadn’t adopted Certilogo in 2015/16 so it wouldn’t have a label in any case. Re badges, we couldn’t comment unless seeing the item in the flesh. Hope this helps, Tom

  3. Kevster says:

    I just purchesed a orange/peach stone island knitted zipped hoodie , the guy I brought it off kinda refuses to tell me where he brought it , it has a certilogo code which is clg ******** ive tried to find it online but canny not find it …..any help will be much appriciated.. thanks in advance kind regards kev

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Kev,
      We’ve hid your CLG Kev, never share it with others as they may enter it on the Certilogo website and lots of searches could then spuriously flag the code as counterfeit. In order for Certilogo to work, you need to know where it was originally purchased so if your seller won’t tell you, you’re knackered from checking it that way. Not suggesting it’s fake but you’ve got to ask why he won’t let you know?
      Ollie at Iamdeadstock

  4. Jordan Lee Knight says:

    Hi I have come across a pair of Sportswear Company SpA trousers from AW 2001, the art number is 35293F31/AS

    Having trouble working out who’s made these trousers?

    Can you please potentially shed any light?

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Jordan,
      You can really only go from what info is on the labels really with a pair that old. We can’t vouch from pics but would be interested if you can send us some to see what they look like (incl the labels)

  5. theyoung1561 says:

    Hi, I bought this stone island David Tela light jacket in navy blue. ART code, 681541851-v0063. I check the CLG code and it’s authentic. I just can’t find any information about the jacket online. I’ve google “ 41851 DAVID TELA LIGHT-TC” but a white colored jacket comes up. If I can get help finding information on my Navy blue jacket.

      • Abbi T says:

        Hi! I have a stone island T-shirt, as far as I can remember this was brought from flannels years ago with the art no. 5915 22S18. When I check it’s registered as a polo but my item is a long sleeved tshirt

          • Will says:

            Hi after some help, I have what I believe is a 1987 button up cardigan, has green writing cp tag that looks well stitched and original, poppers are fiocchi made and legit, neck tag looks fine, badge looks fine but buttons are blank? Wondering if they’ve been replaced at some stage or perhaps original like that?

      • Adam Holding says:

        Purchased a stone island x supreme vest and the CLG confirms its authentic but there’s no numbers or labels anywhere, can they fake CLGs to show up as authentic?

      • Steven McSween says:

        Hi pal someone selling me a button wool Stone Island jumper Only got a pic of the label on the neck with 0904252 It looks the part in the pics. Does that neck label make any sense? Thanks

  6. AlbertO says:

    I have a jacket that I just bought with CLG 465553269767
    label 711542227.V0064
    The certiologist is original
    If you could verify the label to which it corresponds
    Thank you very much in advance

  7. Adam Cox says:

    Hi guys, I have a s/s 2020 stone island soft shell jacket that has SKA italia zips, was wondering are these the ones they use now?


          • Ryam says:

            There is no other number on the certilogo. The website said it was autentic but I want to know which model it is. Where can I send you a picture?

          • iamdeadstock says:

            Hi Ryam, we don’t authenticate clothing via pictures – impossible to do this way and be 100% sure – you should confirm things with the shop/website you bought it from. Regards Ollie

    • Steven Stewart says:

      I have a stone Island jumper dose nor have a clg number and says made in turkey on the neck were it say stone Island it’s orange and think it’s from 2018 got from brandswear .com is this real

      • iamdeadstock says:

        Hi Steven, should have a CLG code but some retailers do remove them to hide their source – we can’t validate the item without seeing it in the flesh, sorry… and we don’t comment on other websites

        • iamdeadstock says:

          The “V044M” is likely to be a new colour from the Shadow Project or Marina collections or perhaps a specialist piece – not unusual to see variations in the colour code – we had several Dust treated sweatshirts this season and they had colour codes V1M45 and V2M43 for example – regards Tom

      • Brian Brogden says:

        Hi Steven, literally got a jumper from this morning in the post. Mine also says Made in Turkey. No Certilogo but had two art numbers on the tag? One Art number says it comes under the Leather category and the other says it’s under Knitwear. Both say Spring/Summer 2020. Dodgy stitching on the left side of the neck line aswell.

  8. Luke says:

    Hey I’ve found stone island piece online, looks pretty legit but when I try and enter the code to check authentication nothing happens, doesn’t day real or fake… this is the code, any help would be appreciated I’ve tried it with and without gaps

  9. Lewis says:

    Hi, I’ve read that Certilogo’s can be overused and therefore end up registering a fake. Is there any truth in this? I’ve recently purchased a sweatshirt that checks out in terms of quality, tags, badges and the article numbers match the release date on the product as it should. But the Certilogo has come back as a fake, could this be a case of an overused code, or should I look to be sending this back.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Lewis – yes mate, this is true. Usually the case if someone advertises showing the certilogo code and people then review the code en masse – under these circumstances, Certilogo may consider the code has been cloned and can therefore mark it up as counterfeit.

  10. Lynn says:

    Hi guys

    Just to ask you – is this one – 7115N17D6.V0029 – looks as a legit Stone Island beanie hat? It looks weird compared to what you’ve suggested. Thanks in advance for the answer!

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Tiffany,
      The Art Number exists – should be a Spring/Summer 19 Sweatshirt – there should be a certilogo code inside, check this also at to confirm the garment is legit.
      Regards Ollie

      • Tiffany says:

        Hey ollie,

        Thanks for getting back to me 🙂
        I’ve tried scanning the crg code but it comes back as fake. I’ve heard that after a certain amount of scans from different ip address’s it can flag it as fake. ive done a badge check and it seems real, just concerned from the CRG code.

      • Tiffany says:

        Thanks Ollie,
        I have commented this before I’m not sure whether it’s gone through! But certilogo says it’s fake but the seller claims that it’s because it’s been scanned a lot and he’s tried to get in touch with certilogo to reset this. I’ve done a badge check it all looks real but certilogo flags it as fake, could this be incorrect ?
        Thanks a lot

  11. Elliott says:

    Hi I bought a polo from terrace threads and they don’t provide certilogo tags as they don’t have rights to sell them but be told me you still can authenticate your top with a EAC code but I don’t know how to find that and authenticate it

      • James says:

        Hi ive got 2 pairs of trousers that pre date the certilogo the codes on them are 3923299 and 3922024. I thought they were legit but I’m starting to think I’ve been had. How can I check as I can’t see anywhere online to do this

  12. Nico says:

    Hi, can you please help me authenticate this stone island jacket I got long time ago asa present. How do I check it on certilogo, if I don’t know which store it’s from?

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Nico,
      start either the app on your phone or your tablet/laptop and simply follow their on-screen instructions, it’s quite easy to use. I would find out where it was purchased from though as you’ll need this to prove authenticity. Also, if it is a jacket bought from before 2014, it won’t work as Stone Island only started using Certilogo from Spring Summer 2014 onwards.

  13. A. Atkinson says:

    Hi I bought a stone island rucksack. It looks authentic but under the tag it says made in China. Does stone island ever make bags there. It’s a 91270 rucksack

  14. JBarber says:

    Hi iamdeadstock,

    Is the vest at the below link legit or not?
    having trouble finding any other information about this garment and don’t want to be ripped off.

    Link hidden

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi James,
      Not come across that model of Gilet before but that’s not to say it isn’t real as Stone Island’s range is huge nowadays. The art number appears real (Autumn/Winter 2009) but you can’t tell from this number which type of article it is. We don’t have any experience of using this marketplace either – 1 thing that does stand out though are their Trust Pilot reviews – 50% are bad which is large number by any measure – would be enough for me to move on but at the end of the day, your call mate.

      • Marcelo Pisani says:

        Hi, IAMDEADSTOCK!, please hope you can help as soon as you can….i am in small dispute over an old Stone Island waxed jacket i bought….not cheap….but has not the CLG Code as the items from Stone Island that i own…..the seller says is from 2000 and at that time not CLG code was available….has a number ( not very clear…)says: ART.55154138/A
        Via Confine 2161
        Made in Rumania

        • iamdeadstock says:

          Hi Marcelo,
          Certilogo started for Stone Island from the season Spring/Summer 2014 onwards so if it is a 2000 article then you wouldn’t expect to see one obviously. The Art number shows up as a jacket from Autumn/Winter 2011 however.

  15. abi says:

    Hi, I have a Stone Island Denims, black knit jumper with no patch and a black label. It also the logo in white knitted on the left arm. ART code also seems legit and have checked it on ART checker which suggest its from A/W 2002 collection, type being knitwear. However, the size label states XXL and it fits more like a XS or an S. is this from a junior collection? or is it fake?

  16. Dave Lee says:

    Hi, I’ve sold an old stone island jumper on eBay that was bought from a genuine stockists in around 2000. The buyer is now challenging the authenticity of it. It is jumper with zip off sleeves in a dark navy colour. Can you help at all.

  17. Allan says:

    Hope I’m not too late to the thread, seen a couple of others ask similar question but no definitive response. Bought an A/W Soft Shell R jacket today (6715Q0622) it’s from a second hand store but always got stuff that checked out. Art no checks out and so does certilogo but my concern is the zip which is neither lampo or YKK but SKA Italia! Is this a cause for concern or just a rare occurrence? Thanks in advance!


    • Tinman says:

      Hi, wondered if you can help. I have a Stone Island top from around 2012-13. It was bought from a reputable store (Choice Menswear in BlueWater, Kent) and all my SI gear has come from there or John Anthony. I am selling the top online and a buyer has challenged me that it is a fake as it does not have an ART number. The labels at the bottom aren’t in place any more (no idea why). I haven’t worn it in years so never gave it much thought. So in essence is there another way to prove it is real. For context I have sold another 5 SI pieces recently online without issue. Cheers

      • iamdeadstock says:

        Hi Allan,
        Retailers have been known to purchase items where the tags have been cut out to protect the item source, even major shops. That said, when this happens it means peeps face problems like you are in proving the item’s authenticity. Contact them to see what they say about the missing label as they may be able to provide you with an answer. Other than that, all’s we can suggest is you show the buyer a copy of your purchase receipt or respective payment statement (with confidential details hidden obviously).
        Regards Tom

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Dennis – to check if they are legit, you need to enter your certilogo code plus where you bought it from (shop or online) onto the accreditation system- dead easy mate. Regards Tom

    • Scott Mcculloch says:

      Hey mate could you check this CLG for me it’s 278279121216 it’s a black stone island jumper off Depop reputable seller and all but just had to double check and certilogo is saying the item has anomalies however it’s said this To numerous products cheers in advance

      • iamdeadstock says:

        Sorry mega late on this Scott – if a Certilogo code is constantly checked, then it will flag up to Certilogo that the code is potentially being cloned so the last thing you want for us to do is type yours in once again. Study the sweatshirt mate – the material needs to feed “premium”, all the tags need to be present, the buttons and badge should look “right” also, what about the colour, is it even? Unfortunately, the “standard” Stone Island sweatshirt is probably the most copied Stone Island item out there – we see loads of idiots wearing them though as they stand out a mile to the trained eye.
        Regards Tom

  18. Aaron says:

    Brand new stone island sweatshirt in black.

    Certilogo couldn’t really provide me with authenticity as I don’t have the item with me.

    ART no. 681565360

    Any advice appreciated.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Aaron, sorry for late reply – should be a std Stone Island crew neck sweatshirt from Spring/Summer 18 mate – it’s the certilogo tag you need to check for authenticity though mate. Tom

  19. Roxanne says:


    I have bought a stone island from my son and would like to know if the reference number is known? 551640630.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

      • Thomas Johannsen says:

        Just got an old cardigan with the ART number 536553B4/1366. Everything about it seems fine from badge and buttons which looks legit. It also has YKK zippers. The only thing which throws me of is that the third and fourth number is 6 and 5 instead of 15?

        • iamdeadstock says:

          Hi Thomas – not 100% sure mate – is probably a special rather than the std knitwear range – it is from Autumn/Winter 2010 also so it might be an oddity in the numbering system at that time, again not sure – anyone else know? From what you’ve told me regards item details, it sounds legit though. Tom

  20. Ant says:

    Hi all! Bought a pair of shorts with art 701564651. Certilogo has come back as fake, and art checker says it should be a sweatshirt. Same ones can be found on a certain Chinese website. Seller says they’re genuine as they were apparently bought from Flannels. They look very good, but must be fake? Any advice? Thanks in advance! Ant.

      • iamdeadstock says:

        Hi Linus,
        Should be a Stone Island jacket from SS12 – If he’s a mate, he’ll have no issues telling you were he got it from – make sure it stacks up. Do the obvious and follow the steps in our article also – check the quality of badges, buttons, zips, linings etc. Check the evenness of the dye and the finish of the article. Does it look and hand right, do the proportions look right. Do you have any friends who are long-time Stone Island fans, f so, ask them for their views/advice/guidance also.
        Regards Ollie

      • Ryan says:

        Hi, can you check ART 701562751. The Certilogo identified it as a fake but everything about it checks out. ART number on tag matches the items tag, and stitching of badge looks correct.

        • iamdeadstock says:

          Hi Linus,
          The item should be a standard Crew sweatshirt if the art number is correct – I’d drop a line to Certilogo via their Twitter account to make sure you’re entering all the info correct when you go through their certilogo checker.
          Regards Ollie

  21. peter says:

    art . 571540222 could you kindly check if is a original Autumn / Winter 2012 collection . micro reps in description

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Peter – should be a Stone Island soft shell jacket from AW12/13 season. That Art Number is one of the most commonly used on fake Micro Reps or Nylon Metal jackets. Google the number mate and you’ll pickup more information on it.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Sam,
      4615m440 by all accounts is an art number that has been commonly used on counterfeit products – that’s not to say yours is a fake but we would suggest you check the garment’s provenance and it’s finer details. We obviously can’t authenticate it ourselves “blind”.

  22. Alan says:

    Hi wonder if you can can help? i have just bought a Stone Island Ghost Jacket with the down inner, i have tried to check if this is genuine, pros are the art no 551543431/632 this looks to be ok indicating 2011 and a Stone Island Jacket, the buttons are with the cross and have the indent on the back, the zips are YKK , the quality looks very good the item is heavy, the stitching is good clean and tidy and straight, the materials look and feel like very good quality. The inner down detachable liner has the Art No SL0020X which does not make any sense, again the quality looks very good and the condition of the jacket is very good for an 8 year old jacket the cons that i can see are that there is no manufacturing country indicated, can you indicate anything from this info

  23. Ussama says:

    Hi, just wondering if you can check if this cap is legit? There is a picture of the label aswell. Would really appreciate it. httpss://

  24. anon12345 says:

    I have recently bought a stone island archivo t shirt online from a “trusted” stone island seller on depop with 150+ 5* reviews. The piece looks authentic however i noticed it had no certi logo so now i am unsure on the authenticity. The art number is 68152NS91. Any chance authenticity can be proved through this? Cheers

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Jake,
      There should be a Certilogo tag within the Tee simple as – suggest you go back to the Seller and request further information for why it’s missing. Impossible to confirm authenticity just from the Art No.
      Regards Tom

  25. Phoenyx says:

    Hi Guys,

    I just found an old pair of stoney jeans that i never wore in the 90s cos i thought they were fake – an aunt bought them for me – However i know way more about the brand and now I am not so sure.

    Could we do a legit check please? 101438A2/783
    Blue jeans one black toney ‘wrap’ on left belt hole – Made in Romania – black stone island label at the back with stone island on the bottom half of the right pocket – all studs labelled

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Wow – 30 year old Stone Island jeans – none of us here can remember a pair from then so hard to confirm what they should look like and obviously hard to confirm authenticity without local knowledge and seeing them in the flesh. The art number is definitely jeans/trousers but not 100% certain of the year. Regards Ollie

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Jordan,
      Never just go off the Art No. mate – all that this confirms is the garment type, year, season and not it’s authenticity – the number confirms the item should be a sweatshirt from AW 2006 (so the words in the advert saying the item is pre 2000 are incorrect – might just be a simple advertising mistake by them though). Can’t say we recognise the garment either but Stone Island do produce a vast range and some of it never reached the UK being more popular elsewhere so it could be a real piece – does anyone else recognise this out there?
      Regards Tom

  26. Andrew Kaine says:

    Hi I’ve recently sold a jacket to a friend who insists its a fake, this was a gift to me so i was always under the impression it was real. Before i give him his money back i wanted to verify whether it is fake or not. The art no is 571540222 its a green micro reps hooded jacket, it looks pretty real to me but I’m no expert.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Andrew,
      The code itself seems legit and is from AW12. Going off the Art No. however is not sufficient. You need to check many of the things mentioned in our article – the zips, buttons, quality of construction, garment colouring, linings are appropriate and all inner tags are present and correct etc. If you can’t confirm yourself then it would be wise for you to take it to a shop that sells Stone Island if you have one near to confirm authenticity or perhaps a person you know who has worn Stone Island regularly in the past.
      Regards Barney

    • juhcelodreipaj says:

      This art no is very often used in fakes. Your friend is probably right, but it’s all in the details.

  27. Thomas Sutton says:

    Hi have just brought a stone island soft shell-R jacket everything looks legit apart from the zip is SKA italia and the studs arn t stamped with stone island ….

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Thomas,
      Is it new – if not, what year is it from (does it include a certilogo code for instance – don’t share this as it should never be made public to others).

  28. Robert G says:

    Sold jacket on Ebay a Stone Island soft shell-r as certilogo number matched two other identical jackets that had sold previously on the platform,one which still had tags on.Buyer said fake result came up, but when I contacted the sellers of the other jackets they said they had not reported a problem.So there are three fakes with identically cloned certilogo labels? and the other labels e.g. neck,size,soft shell info label,and same buttons,or is this a mistake? because the material and sewmanship of badge are apparently excellent.The guy was saying the labels were in the wrong place either they are or his head is.Which is it?

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Robert,
      There should not be any identical Certilogo tags – reach out to via their social accounts to confirm this. Be aware also that if too many people review the certilogo code you are interested in, this can flag up a issue and potentially mark up the code as problematical.
      Regards Barney

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Jason,
      Best thing to do is enter this into and check it there – we can’t give an ok on a garment using someone else’s authentication system, sorry mate.
      Kind regards Tom

      • Jason says:

        Hi, stepson bought a soft shell off ebay art number 571540222 which is a a/w jacket 2012 however the inside “soft shell R” label does not have the compass above it. The zip is not lampo or ykk either.
        Definite fake?

        • iamdeadstock says:

          Hi Jason,
          There are one or two instances of non-Lampo and now lately Ykk zips but they are rare and tbh, the 40222 Shell has been faked extensively from that period – if there is a shop near you that sells Stone Island, I’d take it in there to see if they can confirm it’s authenticity for you.
          Regards Ollie

  29. Shar says:

    Hi tom, I’m about to buy a Stone Island A/W 2002 Puffer Jacket. I’m not sure if it’s legit or not; for instance, the zipper is neither YKK or Lampo. The ART no. is 35154D47/A; the care tag says it’s Made in Italy. The thing is i’m a bit sceptic with the zipper when it doesn’t have a brand. Could I send you some kind of pictures and hoping you could check for me? Thank you.



    • iamdeadstock says:

      Sorry late to this Shar, been out the country – we couldn’t ok in any case as not sure with it being a jacket from 2002 – we’d have to see it in the flesh to be sure whether legit or not. You really need to direct your queries to the seller bud to be honest. Regards Barney.

  30. Will says:

    Hi, I recently recieved a stone island jacket as a present in grey, with a hood that can be folded inside the jacket, it has lots of stone island tags that all look real, the badge is real I believe and is made out of military specification polyester nylon reps but I can’t find it on the art checker, the code is 571540222 could you help me out?

  31. Sophie says:

    I have a poppy red hooded stone island shower proof coat which is of great quality and behind the stone island brand label on the inside of the neck, is another a black brand label saying “DANNY”. I was sure this was a fake stone island anyway but now I’m confused as to why this other brand label is underneath? It’s definitely not a name tag but looks like an actual brand label which is smaller than the stone island one and tucked in behind it. Any thoughts. And also, my coat has a style number on the care label and not an art number. Could this be a completely different branded coat altogether?? And just made to look like a stone island??

  32. Will says:

    Hi, found a funnel neck jacket/zip up sweatshirt made of scuba material on one side (inside) black wool on the outside Looks quite old, no inside tags just a Stone Island neck label with art no. 0371180 (no letters or ART beforehand). Buttons on the arm look ok, arm badge mildly suspect – main colour is dark navy, one of the D’s looks slightly warped (but may be from age/ washing shrinkage). Having looked up the art number, can’t discern brand, seems to be from A/W ’85 so could put some of the identification issues / lack of tags down to it being an early piece, unfortunately seems to suggest it should be classified as ‘shirts’ so this is the biggest red flag for me, suggesting the tag may have been taken from a shirt and sewn in. It’s odd because this isn’t exactly a flashy hype piece that would have been worth faking. It’s being sold for £95. Any help you can give me greatly appreciated

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Will,
      I’ve asked around but drew a blank on the info you’ve shared – not many of us here can remember the gear from 85 unfortunately. Posted this in case any1 else can help?
      Tom at Iamdeadstock

    • Chris says:

      no season art numbers are fine these are on the earlier Stone Island clothing. First MODERN art numbers appear at season 21…………

  33. Pj says:

    Hi guys
    Could you advise me on a Stone island polo pre 2014 please?
    101522C15 bought from a guy who has perfect feedback and a history of selling CP/SI clothing, he’s also offered no quibble refund. It’s the first two digits of the art number that’s thrown me ! Google search shows pics of the actual polo! Many thanks

  34. Jules says:

    I have purchased a jacket without a certilogo code. The Art number on the jacket is correct but the swing tag at the neck is different. I’m telling the seller it is a fake but he’s insisting it’s genuine. Did the Shadow Project have certilogo? I’m guessing so. It looks a good copy, YKK zip proper buttons etc. Thanks

  35. Sean says:

    Hi I’ve hit a raso gommato reversible from the A/W 2015 collection but there is no certilogo tag inside does this mean it’s fake? Have seen loads for sale online and from what I can tell none of those Ines have one either? Regards, Sean.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Sean,
      All Stone Island garments have had a Certilogo tag in them since Spring Summer 2014. It should be in the garment somewhere, even if within a pocket bearing in mind it’s reversible and you’d therefore want the Certilogo tag somewhere discreet.
      Regards Tom at Iamdeadstock

  36. baden davies says:

    hi there, i have bought a A/W 2005 STONE ISLAND FULL ZIP KNIT ZIP HOODIE from a well known store called ‘J***y B****r’ the item came but has no inside label other than the neck label which has a 7 digit number on it but i don’t know weather it is real or fake. please help!

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Baden,
      V. difficult for us to comment on without viewing the item in the flesh … in the URL you’ve given us, the item appears valid. I’d suggest you check with the company you bought it from first. If you’re not happy still, you’re well within your rights to return it (within 14 days of item receipt).
      Regards Tom at Iamdeadstock

  37. Graham says:

    Just picked up a vintage full turtleneck sweater. ART is 37285C14/2689. It is a khaki/beige knit sweater. Curious if this is authentic as the 28 is not a CP or SI code. But when did that start?

    • Graham says:

      Seller is claiming it to be an “employee” special brand for internal use. Once again, can you please help?

    • Mark says:

      Hello just about to buy an soft shell r but it’s got 571540222 can u tell me if real or not got the ykk zips an looks good but the label inside with soft shell r on it doesn’t have the stone island name on top like my other thanks

      • iamdeadstock says:

        Hi Mark,
        Autumn/Winter 12 that so can’t remember off the top of my (our) head what the Stone Island label looked like – pre Certilogo also (Spring/Summer 14) – without seeing it in the flesh, can’t really comment any more mate – we’d concentrate on confirming the legitimacy of the seller.

  38. Joe says:

    Hi there my mate gonna sell me a stone island sweater but it’s a old one 2013 my mate says is hasn’t got a barcode you scan to see if it real how do I know if it’s real many thx joe

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Joe,
      Certilogo for Stone Island started Spring/Summer 2014 so yes there wouldn’t be a Certilogo tag attached. Do you trust your mate! – If you can’t (should he be your mate then!) then find someone who wears Stone Island – they’ll be able to spot if it’s fake pretty quickly. Remember, Stone Island is a premium brand so there should be a lot of attention to detail … no loose stitching (unless through wear & tear), Art No. on internal tags etc – hope this helps bud.
      Tom at Iamdeadstock

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi James,
      It could be that the seller has took the Art No. off the tags (along with other identifying information) to hide their own buying source. I would be suspicious though as it is not something you would expect anyone to do really as the art no. on it’s own simply identifies the product and season – so why would you remove it given it would give the buyer additional authenticity security?
      Regards Tom at

  39. LucasL says:

    I bought a Stone Island sweatshirt from a guy online, i put it through the certilogo test but when it asked me if had the item in my hand i said that i hadnt received my product yet. It then Said on the website that it couldnt be authenticated. It says that If Its not on sale from a store or If i dont have it in my hand it cant be 100% validated. Does this mean Its a fake?

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi LucasL,
      No, it doesn’t mean straightaway that it is a fake – it is simply that as part of the authentication process, they would need you to enter the certilogo code as shown on the garment whilst in your possession – an unscrupulous seller might show you pictures of an item with a real certilogo code but then send you an item with a different (potentially fake) code without you realizing it and that’s why Certilogo asks you whether the garment is in your possession – hope this helps.
      Tom at

  40. John Broadhurst says:

    Current value of 2002 nylon metallic purple SI jacket , all intact with detachable inner lining , all labels present and in vgc

  41. joe says:

    Recently i have begun using certilogo to authenticate products i have seen while browsing depop. A number of the products i have looked at seem and look very impressive and definitely seem legit however upon entering the clg code it has said that there are a few “anomalies” attached to the code. Does this instantly mean that the item is likely a fake? As i am already aware that when an item has a code that is a definite fake certilogo notify you that that is the case. What kind of “anomalies” do they mean? Thank you.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Joe,
      It doesn’t mean it is fake. Certilogo is becoming more and more popular as a method to confirm a product’s authenticity (which is good) but if the Certilogo code is posted publicly (as it is on depop, Ebay etc), if a lot of people use the item’s unique code to check whether it is real, flags the code as potentially being fraudulent ie it can assume that multiple items have the same code due to a higher number of searches for that code in a short period of time. Under these circumstances, they may flag the item code as having “anomalies”. That said, would I buy an item that did not have a Certilogo code come back as 100%? … No I wouldn’t.
      Tom at Iamdeadstock

    • Mac says:

      Hi, I bought a Stone Island jumper off eBay for £75. I was skeptic, however it did look ligit and the user selling was selling others and had a %100 user feedback. It came with a tag but without any of the price or barcode on it. It seemed fine and feels alright but the scan says “it has anomalies”. I don’t know the exact source of the jumper so I can’t say which site it is from. As well as this the label on the neck is starting to come off a bit. Apart from this I love it and it feels good, but I would just like someone else’s view on it. Thanks

      • iamdeadstock says:

        Hi Mac,
        If brand new and you paid £75 then the jumper must be a fake and Stone Island jumpers retail for £200 plus. If second hand, then it may be a legitimate article even with “anomalies” as you have to add the site that you bought it from when checking the item code via and you’ve said you don’t know the source. Poor stitching (label on neck) can happen even on premium products so this may just require a simple mend.
        Tom at Iamdeadstock

  42. Shaun Maddison says:

    Hi Jay, my son brought a stone island hoodie from a legit shop local to us but now I am questioning myself if it is legit if not I will be returning to the shop to find out what’s going on, it was brought in October 2017 and the number on the label is 6716620040 no certilogo anywhere to be seen. Could you please tell me if we have been had.

  43. Gordon says:


    Bought a Stone Island tracksuit with no. 671560220.V0020 but there is no certilogo label on either the hoodied top or the bottoms. Should I be concerned? Appreciate the help.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Gordon,
      All Stone Island items since Spring/Summer 2014 have a Certilogo tag on them to confirm their authenticity. If it’s missing, you’ve got to ask why would somebody remove it?
      Regards Ollie at Iamdeadstock

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Morning Jon,
      All Stone Island items since Spring/Summer 2014 have a Certilogo tag on them to confirm their authenticity. If it’s missing, you’ve got to ask why would somebody remove it? Also Factory Seconds? – we’ve never come across these in all the time we’ve been selling Stone Island and CP Company.
      Regards Ollie at Iamdeadstock

  44. Paul says:

    Hi guys,

    Just purchased a Stone Island jacket from a charity shop and I’m not sure if it’s genuine…

    It only cost £15 and that obviously went to the charity shop, so not the end of the world if it’s a fake!

    The ART no. is 4615M440/215 and it has ‘NT’ branded zippers. There’s also a number on the label that reads 2775813.

    Your expert advice would be much appreciated.



    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Paul,
      Sorry, don’t recognise NT as a zip for Stone Island as they are usually YKK or Lampo although if the 1st 4 digits of the Art No are correct, the garment is around 10 years old so not quite vintage but you would expect to pay more than £15 if the item is in good condition (even from a charity shop!). Like you say, not the end of the world though if it only cost you £15 ha ha.
      Regards Ollie at Iamdeadstock

  45. Hayley says:

    Hi there I have a stone island knit jumper, inner care label is missing but usual stone island care label at neckline, stating 0816128, is this a fake or genuine? judging by the details on it it seems very genuine, just unsure as to why there is no inner care label? I have sold a few stone island items with all labels intact so don’t want to list this before I have checked really, Thanks Hayley x

  46. Tom says:

    Hi, I’ve got a t shirt which I’m in sure is authentic, in the art number it has a 14 for stone island denims but the t shirt itself is Just stone island? Any help would be appreciated thanks

  47. John says:

    Hi Guys.
    Just bought a cheap vintage Stone Island hooded zip up off eBay and I’m guessing it’s a fake. ART number beginning 58152. The 2 signifies a T-Shirt if I’ve read the guide correctly?
    Any advice appreciated!
    Thanks in advance.

  48. Darren says:

    I’ve just come across a pair of SI jeans i would like to buy my only worry is the the fith number the one that expains wht the garment is i.e jacket knitwear that number is repaced by a J on your guide and other guides there is no mention of J can u please tell me does this letter J represent anything

  49. Darren says:

    Can u please tell me if art number 39155v82/18 is a real SI the first five numbers had up well the 15 and 5 had up its a SI and its knitwear i d9nt know how too read the rest of the numbers thanks.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Darren,
      If the art no. is valid then it’s showing a Stone Island garment that’s 14 years old. Everything after the “/” is the colour. The worrying digit is the 5th one as Stone Island Knitwear should be a 6 not a 5 (this digit shows the garment type and 5 is a jacket). Tom at Iamdeadstock

      • Darren says:

        Goin by your guide on this page and other pages jacket is 4 and knitwear is 5 thats what ive seen on other guides on how to spot fakes by the art number do u kniw anyway i can check if this coat is real i mean its knitwear but itams a coat also its got the detachable dutch rope system thick warm coat for 5he winter it feels like a genuine SI the only thing im worried about is the condition of it it seems in to good a condition to be a 2003 garment ive got a 2002 SI jumper an the condition between the two non comparable i asked the seller about this an the person said hasnt worn it that much and keept hung up in a dust free bag

  50. Darren says:

    This art number is showing up on loads of SI jackets manly membrana range but have sene this number on a few micro reps range. and also 571540223 is also showing up on alot of membrana jackets. i didnt think u could have 2 art numbers the same but some one told me it can have the same art number if its in the same range say the membrana range for example and its the same colour dont know if thats true or not.

      • Darren says:

        Yeah 571540222 and 571540223 is show up 9n ebay a lot on the membrana range and ive sean 571540222 on the micro reps aswell some of these jackets can tell them as fakes but some of the others is good fakes i could only tell becouse of that dodgy art number

  51. Carol says:

    I found an old pair of jeans in a box that I haven’t unpacked for years, they look 80’s in style but the art number is AZ153298/02 never seen an art number start with letters, but they look too old to be fake

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Carol – highly likely to be ok – not aware of Stone Island fake jeans from that period – send us a pic, would like to see style etc (
      Ta Tom at Iamdeadstock

  52. Nano says:

    I have stone island light soft shell – , rhe art number is 621541029 made in china ,
    When i checked certilogo , it says

    “The inserted code could be associated with counterfeit merchendise and is therefore under scrutiny”
    Is this fake?


    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Nano – Not getting a clean bill of health from is not a good sign at all. As is always the case with these things, you may need to look at other factors – how trusted was your source, does the product look & feel right, are all the details there you would expect from an expensive designer item, is the colour correct and evem etc etc.
      Regards Tim at Iamdeadstock

  53. Mat says:


    My question is, if one of the details above is wrong, does that mean it’s fake? I bought one used and everything matches as authentic except the badge. The buttons, the art number, LAMPO zipper, the material, the sewing, the neck tag all authentic. But this one has a badge without the silk in the back and it’s not a flawless badge in other ways either… Does that mean it’s fake?

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Mat,
      Difficult to say without actually seeing it – the badge being wrong is a bit of a giveaway though. Check the certilogo via (presuming it has one).
      Kind regards Iamdeadstock

      • Mat says:

        Thank you for the quick reply! This one is from 07-08 so no certilogo.. 48156E20/2451 is the art nro and it seems to add up.. ,age and the fact that it indicates a sweater is also correct. It’s a half zip and googling a part of those numbers does bring up similar items.. and like i said the material and the quality does match some authentic ones I have from the same period.. Sizing is right, zipper puller is the similar to my authentic ones..

  54. Daryl says:

    Bought a Stone Island Garment Dyed Nylon (591545154) can tell it’s 100% authentic as got a few garments. But what confuses me a bit is this is from the A/W 2013 range and includes the certilogo which on the official website states will be on all garments on the S/S 2014 range. Any idea why this is on mine? Can only assume it was a tester or something before introducing it to them all in the next range.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Darryl,
      Hmmm, seems odd – like you say, they first starting using the certilogo from SS14 onwards. If you google 591545154 there are a few shops selling it that show images of the tag without the certilogo also. As ever though, it is best to also checkout the “look & feel” (as mentioned in previous replies) of the garment and other factors to ensure it is not a fake.
      Kind regards
      Barney at Iamdeadstock

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Helen,
      You can’t just go off the Art No. – on it’s own, it means very little – who or where did you purchase the item from and was it a reputable source? Does the item look & feel correct – can you compare it with another Stone Island item? Did you pay a “daft” price as if it’s a too-good-to-be-true price it usually means it is! Quality of the garment in terms of materials used, colour, stictching etc are important as is the correct badges, tags, labels within the document. All of the baove will help you understand whether the garment is real not just a number which can easily be made up or copied.

  55. szejD says:

    Hello, I found Stone Island polo with art number on inner label 591522S18, but that number is different in order to number on paper label – 611522C15.V0037.L. Is it right or poor fake?

  56. Adam says:

    I was just wondering, my mates stone island jacket hasn’t got a CLG code or the QR code in the jacket, does this mean it’s fake?

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi adam – if it’s new or only a couple of years old then you’ve got to question why they would be missing – why would anyone cut out the CLG tag? – doesn’t make sense, does it …

      • Asif Mahmood says:

        Sometimes unauthorised stockists cut certi logo to hide their source of supply
        Goods are still genuine just no certi logo you will still find the art numbers on the wash tag best to check the art number and compare to other stone island items

  57. Darius says:

    I just got a coat with the art no 571540222 meant to be a membrana tc??
    I’ve read through the comments and few others have put this code up by some say it’s recognised and some say it isn’t??
    My first stoney so want to make sure it’s genuine rather than walk round with a fake ????

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Darius – you can’t just go off the code as an earlier contributor mentioned, this code has been used on fake jackets. Consider where you bought it from – are they trustworthy and can they show you any purchase receipts or other information about where and whom they bought it from? Did you buy it for a “daft” price – meaning if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. Do you have any mates you can compare the jacket with or perhaps a shop nearby who sells Stone Island that may be prepared to inspect it for you. Stone Island are meticulous about the details within their garments – are all the seams perfectly straight, are the buttons branded, checkout the zip detail, is the colour even across the document, do the tags look sharp and contain the correct garment composition and cleaning instructions etc. Hope this information helps you identify that your jacket is A-OK – expensive mistake if it isn’t obviously.
      Kind regards
      Darren at IAMDEADSTOCK

  58. Arran says:

    Hi got a present for birthday from my dad not familiar with stone island and is definitely fake have you got any suggestions on what I should do cheers

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Arran,
      Sorry to hear that. Think you’ve got to have a word with Dad as to where he bought the garment from first and how he paid for the item. Both have a bearing on how you need to proceed. I suggest you search the web for what to do after this (The Citizen’s Advice website or would be good sources to help you) – good luck.
      Kind regards
      Chris at IAMDEADSTOCK

  59. Chris says:

    Hi mate, is the Certilogo thing a watertight way of checking authenticity — I.e. Have counterfeiters worked out a way around it, perhaps copying a legitimate garments QR code or something?

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Chris – it should be pretty much fool proof as it shows the shop/on-line company you will have bought the item from. If however you have bought from another source (mate, FB group, Ebay etc) then it’s not so watertight as you potentially won’t 100% know who the original source shop was

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi again Chris – like you say though, the counterfeiters will always find a way around things – particularly for high value items – so the answer is to always buy from a reputable source like 🙂

  60. Honest John says:

    571540222 is the most commonly used code for morent recent hard to spot fakes. They are very convincing and are often only noticeably a very poor quality atm patch. Anybody who really knows stone Island would spot that a mile off.

    • Zam says:

      Every fake have a poor quality badge without the silky backing and all originals always have either one badge or one name not both! As soon as you see two trademarks on one garment it’s a fake. I spot fakes from miles away don’t need any numbers or codes. Been wearing stone island since 1995!

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Sam,
      It’s a legit code Sam – google Stone Island 571540222 and you should be able to see examples of it. That said, it’s not just about checking the art no. – check all the details surrounding the item – colour, material, buttons, tags, badge etc. as well as details surrounding the company or individual selling it as plenty of fraudsters out there 🙁
      Barney at IAMDEADSTOCK

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Sorry Riki – don’t recognise that code but it may still be legit – presumably it is an older model? – as an aside, it isn’t just about checking the code as these can be easily faked/copied – as mentioned in our blog, you need to check the look and feel of the product and each of it’s details (buttons, tags, zips, badges, linings etc) for legitimacy – hope it works out for you 🙂
      Kind regards
      Darren at IAMDEADSTOCK

  61. Jason says:

    Hi Darren,
    Can you check an art number please 29155T84, I bought it in the late nineties… I’ve never seen one of these re-sold over the years and or find an image on line.

    Regards Jason

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Jason,
      Too far back for us to check as not 100% sure what the Art Number naming conventions were then – also pre-Certilogo so no help on that front either – sorry we couldn’t help. Try posting an image via social media using the tags #StoneIsland #VintageStoneIsland and ask whether anyone else knows – some pretty informative people out there in the Stone Island world – some great Stone Island forums on FB for example.
      Kind regards
      Darren at IAMDEADSTOCK

  62. Ryan says:

    Hi mate, looking for a legit check basically on a black stone island membrana tc I know they are a couple of years old but cannot work out the art number just wondering if you can help it is 571540222.


    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi Peter – sorry late, our Internet has been out for 2 days – nightmare!!! – don’t recognise that code at all I’m afraid 🙁
      Kind regards
      Darren at IAMDEADSTOCK

  63. David Collins says:


    I have received a polo shirt, it has an ART Number on the garment 591522S18, which I think is from A/W 2013, but the Stone Island Price Tag has 611522C15, do you know why this is?

    Any Help would be appreciated.


    • iamdeadstock says:

      Hi David – Looks like the bag and the top don’t match – I think 5915 is Stone Island Autumn/Winter 13/14… anything starting 6115 is Stone Island Autumn / Winter 14/15. In any case, the tags should match ie the 22S18 and the 22C15 – hope this helps
      Darren at IAMDEADSTOCK

      • David Collins says:

        Hi Darren,

        Thanks for your reply, Just wondered whether you know the measurements for a regular Fit Polo and a Slim Fit Polo? How do they differ in size? I seem to have a shirt that has the ART number of a Slim Fit but has a label on the garment saying regular, but the Tags Art Number suggest it’ also a regular, I have tried it on but unfortunately my stomach is spoiling my opinions…I will probably have to sell it on as it doesn’t fit me anyway, but would like to be fairly certain as to what it is and what size it is. I have been in Retail myself all my life, so I get a feeling for quality and feel this is right, The feel, the stitching, the finish. Is it possible either that the stock was labelled 22S18 when it should of been 22C15, so then was corrected on the Stone Island Price tag or The Regular label was sewn in when it should of been a Slim Fit label…I know this sounds odd and I wouldn’t ask the question If I didn’t think it was genuine, anyway, let me know what you think and If you want some photo’s, let me know…



        • iamdeadstock says:

          Depends where you bought it – could be that it was ex-display and the shop just put it in the wrong bag – happens a lot and obviously easy for a shop to lose the old bag amongst all the other “stuff” they have in the store room.
          Darren at IAMDEADSTOCK

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