Stone Island and CP Company Girls

Stone Island and CP Company Girls for Iamdeadstock 1

As many of you know, we at Iamdeadstock now sell the latest season’s discounted Stone Island and CP Company clothing and we’ve steadily built up a core of great Customers who appreciate our keen prices, fast delivery and great service. Stone Island and CP Company have achieved their respective esteemed positions by marketing their technical outerwear as menswear in the main – despite this obvious male bias however, what we didn’t realise, was how many of our Customers would be of the female persuasion!

At first, we assumed that it was ladies buying pressies for their partners but how stupid were we – after a little research, we realised that approximately a third of our orders from the fairer sex were not for their partners but for themselves (you go girl!) and to back this up, we’ve noticed a trend of increasing enquiries for us to source medium, small and X-small sizes across all our entire Stone Island and CP Company range.

Stone Island and CP Company Girls at IamdeadstockCasual girls looking sharp

We were also delighted to receive some great photos of you wearing your new gear and this got us thinking … we already have a Gallery showing chaps and chapettes showcasing themselves in their adidas and Nike trainers so why not expand this to include Stone Island and CP Company Girls as well. So ladies, we are asking you to send us your pics of you wearing your fav Stone Island or CP Company Sweat, jacket, shorts, cap or whatever you know looks good on you. Send them to us via or tweet us at @iamdeadstock or post to our @Iamdeadstock Facebook page or use our @iamdeadstock_official Instagram account. Whatever style you like – simple, arty, black & white, sexy, short vids – we’d love to share them.

In return, we will publish and share your images to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram media accounts – in the meantime, here are a few we’d like to share with you right now – enjoy.

Stone Island and CP Company Girls – Can you do better than these!?

Stone Island Girl for Iamdeadstock 7A little up front – but we like it!


Iamdeadstock Stone Island Girls 5Grey Sweats are always a winner – look good on lads and lasses all year round

Iamdeadstock CP Company Babe 2What’s cooler than cool …?

Iamdeadstock Stone Island Girls 3These shots are almost professional quality – fantastico


We’d absolutely love to see your Stone Island and/or CP Company pics girls – To get them to us, either tweet us (@Iamdeadstock), or use Facebook (@Iamdeadstock) or via Instagram (@Iamdeadstock_official) or simply email us directly via – Ta!

One thought on “Stone Island and CP Company Girls

  1. Claire says:

    Yo!! I’m a 48 female and have been wearing stone island before my youngest son was born and he’s 26! All I have left is my late husband big fisherman jumper, I had boxes of stone island up in my loft waiting for me to fit back into my clothes, I had to move to a flat cos I had cancer when I was younger but my body is failing me now, anyway so I had all my stone island stuff in ny loft and I said to the couple who I was doing a house exchange can I come back and get all my stuff out the loft, I had so much sentimental stuff up there and the couple said yes that’s fine, I really wasn’t mentally well when my husband died of brain cancer age 42( he’s anniversary is coming up 14th of July ) so I was only around the corner I stayed in touch and then nothing one day, then I got told they burned everything I had left in my loft, all my 3 sons stuff, every single Chelsea’s top too has well had mine and my husbands stone island stuff…. I cried for days , iv got one stone island jumper of his, cos it was nice to cuddle up to a massive jumper x x x x x

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