Jacob Cohen Jeans – What makes them oh so special?

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Jacob Cohen Jeans – what makes them so special and why all the hype? In this short piece, we’ll help you understand why sportsmen (David Beckham’s a fan) and women, celebrities and fashionistas alike love ’em.

“Go to bed with a dream, Wake up with a Purpose”

We were first introduced to Jacob Cohen jeans earlier this year whilst on one of our Stone Island / CP Company Italian buying sprees (some would say “jollies” but we wouldn’t – it’s hard work out there, honest). We’re always on the lookout for new brands to titillate our new and returning Customers fancy and on this occasion, our Italian counterparts were highly convincing.

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They didn’t need to be, we fell in love with this jean range almost immediately – their design, quality of denim, the attention to detail, the extras, the slim young assistant wearing a pair – the draw was immediate and so we asked the obvious “how much”? … – gulp. Sure they’re a classy garment but cheap they ain’t! At this point if I’m honest, we were sold but what would convince our Customers to invest – we asked and here’s what they told us …

How Jacob Cohen Jeans are Manufactured

Cut to perfection with comfort fit, each pair is hand constructed by Italian tailors using Japanese Kurabo fabrics and finished with pony skin and the highest attention to detail. The denim is fashioned using extraordinary techniques creating vintage looks by means of abrasion (via Greek pumice stones), washing, patches, pinching, brushing, embroidery and darning, all preformed in-house and by hand. Further, the eco-friendly brand does not use chemical processes to either dye or for washing – remarkable that really nowadays.

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What makes them so special then?

Special? – Oh yeh! – No two pair of these couture jeans are the same, their manufacture and garment sourcing processes guarantee this. The hallmarks of the brand are aesthetically flawless seams, the use of labels and jewel buttons, sew-in tags (“Made in Italy” sewed in the national colours), contrasting chain stitch seams, pocket pouches in casual shirt fabrics and coloured pony badges and special editions. A pleasing aspect is that the more you wear them, the better they look distressing over time to further reinforce the reason why you purchased these luxury and unique jeans in the first place.

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They’re proving to be popular then?

Hell yeh! Take a look at the Jacob Cohen website and you’ll come to the same conclusion we did – I want a pair NOW! Tato Bardelle created the brand way back in 1985 but it wasn’t until his son Nicola Bardelle took over in 2003 that Jacob Cohen Jeans began to become recognised as must-have wardrobe wear.

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But they’re soooo expensive… Wake up and smell the coffee!

These are THE premier hand-crafted luxury jean out there. Wear them on casual “hang-out-with-your-mates” or formal “dress-to-impress” occasions and you’ll always know you made a great choice (as long as you don’t pair them with that impulse-buy fluffy shirt with tassels ha ha). For a few hundred pounds, you are getting a versatile garment that in the long run will prove a cost-effective and quality investment in an increasingly well-edited wardrobe.

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