Iamdeadstock on Social Media

Iamdeadstock on Social Media
Finding Iamdeadstock on Social Media is just as important for us as it is for you. As we have grown, our reach has widened greatly and we increasingly get asked questions about our authenticity and origin. Nowadays, a great way to allay any Customer fears is to point them at our Social media channels particularly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The current and historical interactions there really do give us a huge social authority that in turn ensures people can see we are “real & serious” in what we do so allowing them to buy from us with confidence.

Iamdeadstock on Social Media

Iamdeadstock on Social Media - Mized

Iamdeadstock on Facebook

We love Facebook and have been using it since October 2014 and from nothing have built up a loyal following and at time-of-press, over 45K Followers – not bad for an on-line biz just six years old. We use Facebook to keep you informed of new drops of deadstock Adidas, CP Company and Stone Island and to share positive feedback comments and reviews from our Customers. Iamdeadstock on Social Media - Facebook Iamdeadstock on SocialMedia - Facebook Link

Iamdeadstock on Twitter

On our Twitter account, we interact and share new and vintage deadstock Adidas pics with our 24K (all genuine BTW – none bought!) Followers. Keep an eye out for our comp giveaways here coz like you, we love free stuff! Iamdeadstock on Social Media - Twitter Iamdeadstock on SocialMedia - Twitter Link

Iamdeadstock on Instagram

A new way of interacting for us, Instagram is perfect for us to showcase some great pics of deadstock Adidas, CP Company and Stone Island. Instagram is just built to share great images – I know we’re stating the obvious but there’s some pretty inspiring stuff on there. To be honest, we can’t believe how fast our Insta account has grown – 20K followers already! Iamdeadstock on Social Media - Instagram Iamdeadstock on SocialMedia - Instagram Link

Why not Follow and Connect with us

Hopefully you can see why following Iamdeadstock on Social media can benefit you and us. We aren’t stopping there either, we’re looking to add videos on our YouTube channel – we’ll showcase new clobber and shoes that’ll hopefully give you a better appreciation and more item detail before you buy.

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