Outstanding Iamdeadstock Testimonials – People Love us

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We’ve received thousands of outstanding Iamdeadstock testimonials and it makes us feel good and mighty proud 🙂

We’ve been running Iamdeadstock now for the best part of 6 years growing from humble beginnings into the UK’s number one seller of the latest season’s discounted Stone Island and CP Company clothing and deadstock adidas trainers.

We realised from the first that to stand out in a crowded marketplace, we needed to be different. We’re on-line only and this gives us a slight edge over “bricks & mortar” shops in some ways in terms of overheads.

But being an Internet-only trader does bring challenges though in terms of visibility – the big boys out there (you know who they are!) spend millions on advertising “forcing” their way to the top of your Google searches. We simply don’t have the financial muscle to compete with their big money approach.

“Item received about 15 minutes ago. That is absolutely amazing service – less than 24 hours to get here and the cheapest out there. Well happy! Have a great weekend. Pete. ”

And yet, despite this, we have tens of thousands of loyal and returning Customers. So what is our secret them? What is our competitive edge and why have we grown so fast given the difficult and ever-increasing competition out there?

The answers simple and we’re happy to share it – even making this public to our many competitors. We treat you as a Customer in a manner we would want to be treated. So for you, as a new or existing Iamdeadstock Customer, what does this actually mean in practice?

#1 Outstanding Prices at Iamdeadstock

First and foremost, our CP Company and Stone Island fashionwear is always discounted way less than RRP and Iamdeadstock.com are consistently the cheapest on-line UK retailer for the latest season’s garms.

Peeps sometimes ask us whether we do a sale but we always answer no! Why is that? Well it’s because our prices are cheap all season long so you get to buy the style, colour and size you wanted at sale prices from day one with us. Compare our approach with other traders who only give you the option to buy what’s left at the end of Summer/Winter and typically they’ll roll out age-old clobber from their dusty store rooms.

#2 Outstanding Delivery Times at Iamdeadstock

We know what it’s like to have to wait and wait and wait for goodies ordered with an expectation of delivery within a day or two – so annoying and to be fair, an obvious advantage a shop has over the Internet.

At Iamdeadstock, even during our busier periods, if you order from us before 2pm on any working day, we’ll wing your goodies out to you via 1st Class tracked delivery. Order some of more expensive items, for example our jackets, and we’ll go one better and deliver these to you the next working day by 1pm guaranteed at no additional cost – Boom!

#3 Our Outstanding References

Our outstanding Iamdeadstock Testimonials speak for themselves and we’ve got thousands of them. So many in fact, we were strongly recommended to tell the world about them – so we have! Great Customer feedback is not only good for our well-being and an indicator that we are doing things right, they also instill confidence in new Customers before they order from us.

Sometimes we make mistakes and that’s to be expected as we get mad busy here at Iamdeadstock. If we do make a booboo, we’ll do our best to turn things round for you and it is always a buzz for us when we are able to turn a Customer issue into a Customer compliment.

#4 Outstanding Communication at Iamdeadstock

We’re always on hand to pick up your questions whether they be sizing queries (the good old “Pit-to-Pit”!), delivery estimates (“When will my gear arrive”) or item specifics (“Will you be getting any more of these”).

It’s mad nowadays how many ways there are to contact a company and at times, it’s awkward for us to keep on top of all the messages we get but we endeavour to always get back to you within a day and to be honest, typically within the hour or sooner.

  • You can email us at sales@iamdeadstock.com

Another way to keep aware of our latest news, deliveries and giveaways is to subscribe to our newsletter – Do it now, you know you want to!


So there you have it – why we’re so proud of our absolutely outstanding Iamdeadstock compliments. Hopefully our positive references will help you to decide to jump on board and become one of our many satisfied Customers too, we sincerely hope so!

3 thoughts on “Outstanding Iamdeadstock Testimonials – People Love us

  1. Liam says:

    Been buying from Iamdeadstock.com for 4 years now and can’t fault them – great prices, fast delivery, well packaged and the latest gear – treat Customers like kings!

  2. Larry the B'stard says:

    I’ve got to say I’ve been buying from Iamdeadstock for a few years now, and got agree that their service is 2nd to none. Keep up the good work.

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