Autumn Winter 19-20 Stone Island Preview

Autumn Winter 19-20 Stone Island - Main Picture

Hot off the press peeps. Shown below are some of the Autumn Winter 19-20 Stone Island preview pics from the forthcoming “Icon imagery” collection.

The first thing that struck us was how the vibrant colours “pop”. Among the new debutante bomber jackets, popover anoraks, puffers, sweaters, knits and windbreakers, bright Orange and Neon Green are standouts alongside more muted earthy colourways.

What tickled our fancy? There’s a few (aren’t there always!). The Olive Popover Cotton jacket actually ticks all our boxes for a year-round utility jacket; from a value-for-money angle, it’s a winner. Speaking of winners, anything “camo” usually works for us so feast your eyes on that hi-neck camo anorak, a beaut.

The quarter-zip thick woolen top is ruffling a few feathers around here too (in a good way). And we believe the reflective Harrington-style bomber jacket is also destined to be a much sought-after piece for this coming Winter season.

You, as always, will have the final decision and of course, some items will work for you and some won’t. For those that do though, you’ll be very happy and even happier (and richer!) if you buy your latest season’s cheap Stone Island from Iamdeadstock. Fantastico as our Italian friends say.

Stone Island Autumn Winter 19-20 Stone Island Look Book

We’d love to hear what you think of the new Autumn Winter 19-20 garms – so leave us a comment at the bottom of the page 🙂 

Iamdeadstock’s Autumn Winter 19-20 Stone Island range is dropping very soon… AND with it being discounted from Day 1, Boom!

5 thoughts on “Autumn Winter 19-20 Stone Island Preview

  1. dave says:

    the quality of the vats majority of SI products ahs sriously gone hill in recent years. thats why i only but shadow project garments

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Appreciate the feedback Dave – to be honest mate, we’ve not noticed it our end and believe me we soon would with quality issue returns etc – interesting to hear your thoughts on the quality of Stone Island Shadow project though … Tom

  2. G. Harvey says:

    When S.I. get it right its brilliant. I like a few of the items but will pass judgement after I’ve seen all of it. Hopefully what I do like you will be stocking.

    • iamdeadstock says:

      Know what you mean – some of the designs don’t “fit” or are not that popular for the UK market but are for Japan and America for example – also something can look great in certain colours but not others … – appreciate your feedback though, thanks

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