Why is Stone Island called Stone Island?

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One of our Customers recently asked us why is Stone Island called Stone Island? On the surface of it, a simple enough question but after some animated office discussion and listening to lots of (frankly daft) suggestions, we realised we didn’t fully know.

Interest piqued, we decide to find out and so “young” Tom (he’s actually 34!) was dispatched to find out the answer. After a little research (Good ole Google among other sources including our fav Stone Island read “Ideas from Massimo Osti“), he returned enlightened and in the interests of information sharing, here’s what he found out.

Why the name Stone Island then?

The founding father and architect of Stone Island Massimo Osti formed the company in 1982 so it’s a good bet we should start researching for information from around this period.

Let’s start with the name Stone Island then. Joseph Conrad was a 19th and early 20th Century Polish author who wrote novels, many with a nautical setting, that depicted the strength of the human spirit when pitted against difficult odds. Massimo Osti felt Conrad’s books would help to describe the spirit of a new collection he was working on and so he entrusted his wife Daniella to read the original language versions and select appropriately evocative words from within. From the words she underlines, Massimo picks “Stone” and “Island”.

“Stone” because this reminds him of the toughness of the new fabric Tela Stella he has recently discovered and “Island” because it reminds him of his lifelong affinity for the sea. Both words together “Stone Island” then for Massimo evoke adventures, the sea and closeness to nature and a desire for freedom from the daily routine.

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And the famous and now iconic Stone Island embroided cloth logo badge which first saw the light of day in 1982? A nautical connection from Massimo once again as he uses the wind rose found on the compass from his 1960’s wooden sail boat “Guapa” as inspiration.  Wearing the brand’s badge logo on the outside of the garment like military ranks was also a new idea at this time and has since been mimicked extensively.

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So huge thanks to Tom for finding out the facts on this one and for settling a few bets (read arguments) whilst he’s at it. Now get back to your work young shaver!

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