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Christmas has come early folks; it’s freebie time once more with our Iamdeadstock CP Company Tee giveaway.

Just a few simple actions needed on your part that will (hopefully!) help us get our name out there (wherever there is?) and in doing so, give you the chance to bag an uber chic and stylish Summer 2020 CP Company T-shirt in the style / colour / size of your choice.

This latest season’s T-Shirts from CP Company feature unique eye-catching designs, come in insanely luxurious colours like Jelly Bean and Festival Fuschia and all are constructed from a super fine and comfortable 100% mako cotton.

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Pick a colour…, any colour

Entry is via our our Iamdeadstock social channels, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – so if you enter on all three, you have 3 times the chance of winning.

We’ll pick the winner this coming Sunday 26th April at 10pm so you’d better get a move on – you know the old saying, “you’ve got to be in it to win it”.

Iamdeadstock CP Company Tee Giveaway – How to take part

Three dead easy ways to enter :

  1. Enter via Twitter and Follow us, RT and Like the post
  2. Enter via Instagram and Follow us and Tag 2 of your pals in the post
  3. Enter via Facebook and Follow us, Like and Share the post

Good luck y’all 🤞 and please take care of yourselves, your loved ones, your friends and your neighbours (especially look out for the older folk).

Why not team up with one of our CP Company Jackets …

BTW, if you can’t wait and just want to buy one of these superlative tees, you can do so on-line HERE – even with the lockdown, peeps are still buying them to look good in the garden!

We like free stuff – you ever won anything?, let us know what in the comments below – We’d love to hear 🙂

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