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The lockdown goes on and all for good reason – it’s obviously essential but at the same time, it’s bl**dy wearing isn’ it!

To help to lighten the mood, we are once again offering one of our lucky followers the chance to bag our Iamdeadstock Adidas Book Giveaway – a fine and authoritative adidas tome “From Past to Present, A Timeline of the 3 Stripes

Co-authored by Neil Selvey (author/researcher), Dean Jacobs (art director) and Eddie Chang (project Manager), it informs the reader from an adidas enthusiasts perspective and charts the rise and rise of adidas from a mid-sized German business begun by Adi Dassler 70 years ago to the sporting worldwide leviathan it is today.

Some numbers then … 10 years in the making, 368 pages, 25,000 words, 1250 photos, 1200+ shoes, contributions from over 60 collectors and finally it’s big – 2.2KG in weight!

Ordered chronologically, the book is organised broadly into the decades a trainer was released in and alongside high quality images, a short narrative details shoe construction, history and any design links to prior models.

Adidas Mexicana – a personal favourite

It’s a rip-roaring read and hats off to the authors Neil, Dean and Eddie for helping to plug some of the gaps in this particular adidas collector’s knowledge base.

Entry is via our our Iamdeadstock social channels, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – so if you enter on all three, you have 3 times the chance of winning.

We’ll pick the winner on VE Day Friday 8th May at 10pm so get your skates (or rather, sneakers!) on.

Iamdeadstock adidas Book Giveaway – How to take part

Three dead easy ways to enter :

  1. Enter via Twitter and Follow us, RT and Like the post
  2. Enter via Instagram and Follow us and Tag 2 of your pals in the post
  3. Enter via Facebook and Follow us and Share the post

Good luck y’all 🤞 and please take care of yourselves, your loved ones, your friends and your neighbours (especially look out for the older folk).

BTW, you can still purchase this wonderful book on-line HERE – we’ve been told that limited copies remain so don’t tell us you haven’t been told!

We like free stuff – you ever won anything?, let us know what in the comments below – We’d love to hear 🙂

8 thoughts on “Iamdeadstock Adidas Book Giveaway

  1. sean carter says:

    sitting hear looking at the best book ever 49 years old been wearing the 3 strips since I was 12 the love of them has been great from standing watching westham to running with westham adidas is part of the history off football to the casual style we all love

  2. Norm 'dassler' Bootes. says:

    I entered last time and didn’t win, but you had loads of entries by the looks of it. So I bought it, brilliant book and been great for the lockdown. I’ve entered again, present for my brother in law if I win.

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