New Season CP Company Autumn/Winter 20

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The concept underpinning the new season CP Company apparel for Autumn/Winter 20/21 is the “Next Landscape”. So what does that mean I hear you say?

Well before anyone had ever heard of Coronavirus, Paul Harvey, Creative Director at CP Company, had already considered and developed a concept and a collection that envisaged a future landscape of hope and of one with nature and of urban regeneration.

Paul and Alessandro Pungetti were motivated by the recent Chernobyl mini-series and how 34 years after the reactor meltdown, the Ukrainian environment surrounding the disaster area had recovered and is now overgrown and alive with wildlife. Despite being controversial, they were motivated to replicate this rebirth and renewed optimism for the future. The message is no matter what man can throw at the environment, nature will always win.

Central to the new collection is the re-development of the Urban Protection Metropolis range that was first conceived by Designer Moreno Ferrari way back in 1999. Urban Protection garms were themed around protecting the wearer from a dystopian future of global pandemics (sound familiar!), civil unrest and environmental disasters; the mainstay Metropolis jacket for example incorporated an anti-smog mask and the Solo jacket had a Mag-Lite torch taped to the garment’s rear.

Urban Protection Solo Jacket
Mag-Lite velcro fasten

So what then to expect from CP Company this coming season? Setting aside the “must-have”Urban Protection Metropolis jacket, CP Company continues to be at the forefront of new material developments and innovative garment-dyeing techniques.

Exciting collaborations with Gore-Tex Xenia and Infinium. Dyneema, the highest resistant anti-abrasion fiber for its high weight-resistance ratio. Crystal jackets made from a dyed achronic flat profile nylon. Transparent and stand-out coloured (light blue to warmer earth colours) puffer jackets and lighter weight windbreakers.

You, as always, will have the final decision and of course, some items will work for you and some won’t. For those that do though, you’ll be very happy and even happier (and richer!) if you buy your latest season’s cheap CP Company from Iamdeadstock. Perfetto as our Italian friends say.

New Season CP Company – Winter 20 Lookbook

We’d love to hear what you think of the new Autumn Winter 20-21 CP Company clothing – Leave us a comment at the bottom of the page 🙂 

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Iamdeadstock’s Autumn Winter 20-21 CP Company range is dropping very soon… AND with it being discounted from Day 1, Boom!

12 thoughts on “New Season CP Company Autumn/Winter 20

  1. Paul moss says:

    Cp yet again bringing back some classics , always bang on the money with their releases , keep up the good work Iam deadstock one of the best out there 👌🏼

  2. Dave Taylor (soon to be divorced because of you) says:

    Just when you dont need another winter coat several come along that you know you’re going to buy. Thanks alot!!!!😁

  3. Ronnie Tollman says:

    Hi Iamdeadstock – had the chance to get a 90’s Metropolis 2 years ago but funds were low – gutted I missed out on it but probably going to get one of the new models so really keen to see what they’re like and how they compare with the original – keep up the great work lads

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