Adidas Blackburn Nightsafe Auction

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In association with Nightsafe, Iamdeadstock are as pleased as punch to announce the official adidas Blackburn Nightsafe Auction.All proceeds from our auction, yes, every last penny, will be donated to Nightsafe to help support their on-going sterling efforts.

For those that don’t know, Nightsafe provide a much-needed safety net to help tackle youth homelessness in the Blackburn, Darwen and surrounding areas. Some of you may have seen them… and one or two of you actually supported them… during an emotional Children In Need episode of DIY SOS, where a run down church hall was converted into stunning youth accommodation by Nick Knowles and his team.

Adidas Blackburn Nightsafe Auction

A little over a year ago now, the Gary Aspden Autumn Winter 2019 Spezial launch was held at Blackburn’s Cotton Exchange.The venue was packed, the mood was excited (free drinks helped!) and a DJ set from Mani of the Stone Roses was a perfect backdrop to the 1000+ adidas gems, past and present, on show there.

October 2019 Spezial Exhibition – were you there?

… and in a nod to Gary’s roots, the lead Spezial shoe for the collection’s launch was the adidas Blackburn boasting a colourway inspired by the Red Rose of Lancashire, Blackburn’s mother county.

In advance of the official UK-wide launch, 170 of the 200 “Nightsafe” limited edition variants were made exclusively available for sale at the show with all proceeds going to support the youth charity. Each pair have a Nightsafe branded footbed, spezial box decals and the normal brown leather Spezial swing tag is swapped for one in red leather.

In all their splendour

The Blackburn was modelled on the much-loved City Series and borrows from several classic OG issues to create a fashionable and premium look with just a hint of a vintage vibe. It wears a traditional gold-foil “Blackburn” moniker to the side wall and the iconic Spezial logo to the heel tab to complete the look.

You now have the chance to purchase your own pair and choose from any of the following UK sizes: 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5

How to place your bid

Placing your bid is easy.

Simply jump HERE and place your bid.We’ve started the auction at £0.99 but it won’t stay there long for sure. Bid increments are £1 and you can bid as many times as you like.

Note, you have to register first as a user on (easy enough) – this is simply to stop unscrupulous bids or bots from placing fake bids.

Once you’ve made a successful bid, you’ll receive an email confirming your bid details. We’ve also set things up so that you will receive an email should you be outbid by another bidder.

The Auction will run until 8pm, Sunday 22nd November and the highest bidder will be informed by email at that time. Payment must then be made within three days otherwise we reserve the right to offer the item to the next highest bidder and so on.

Nightsafe’s £100K Appeal

If you don’t enter the auction you can still help the Nightsafe team by contributing to their £100K appeal – every little bit helps folks, thank you.

The best of luck to everyone – share with us why you’d like to get your mucky mitts on a pair of these adidas Spezial classics – tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear 🙂

5 thoughts on “Adidas Blackburn Nightsafe Auction

  1. mickypf says:

    I’m 54 years old and I left home at 15 it’s a lonely place when you are young as is sometimes as an adult but for a youngster to have somewhere to go and be safe in my opinion will give them a better and more confident start in life I can honestly say I wished I had a feeling of safety and I’m 100 million percent for this project as an old lady I lived with as a teenager said “children are your gold, they are your future “ 👍

  2. Tom Fairley says:

    Bagged a pair of size 9.5 on the night – want another pair so I can start wearing them and leave the other pair on show pride of place.

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