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Adidas Spezial Exhibition Blackburn

Adidas Spezial Exhibition Blackburn 4

Adidas Spezial Exhibition Blackburn – woah, stop the bus!  London, Manchester, Paris, Moscow and now next in the Spzl roadshow series comes a “proper” Northern location, Blackburn.   There can be no coincidence that our friend and adidas brand consultant and Spezial range designer Gary Aspden spent his formative years growing up in this Lancashire gem […]

Outstanding Iamdeadstock Testimonials – People Love us

Outstanding Iamdeadstock Testimonials Pic 1

We’ve received thousands of outstanding Iamdeadstock testimonials and it makes us feel good and mighty proud 🙂 We’ve been running Iamdeadstock now for the best part of 6 years growing from humble beginnings into the UK’s number one seller of the latest season’s discounted Stone Island and CP Company clothing and deadstock adidas trainers. We […]

Iamdeadstock on Social Media

Iamdeadstock on Social Media

Finding Iamdeadstock on Social Media is just as important for us as it is for you. As we have grown, our reach has widened greatly and we increasingly get asked questions about our authenticity and origin. Nowadays, a great way to allay any Customer fears is to point them at our Social media channels particularly […]

Adidas Island Series – Fabulous re-release of OG Island Classics

Adidas Island Series Blog image 1

Chances are if you were a UK football supporter during the late 70’s or 80’s and you considered yourself a “casual”, then you’d have spent some of your hard earned on at least one of the then Adidas Island Series of trainers. It’s totally impossible now to source an original so in 2015, Adidas pulled […]

Adidas Spezial Manchester Exhibition

Adidas Spezial Manchester Exhibition for Iamdeadstock

My first thought on hearing about the inaugural 2013 Hoxton Adidas Spezial exhibition was along the lines of, “typical, being held in bl**dy London”! Just over 12 months later however, it’s creator, Adidas consultant Gary Aspden had brought the vintage trainer expo “Up North” to arguably the ancestral home of Adidas – Result!

3 Stripes 2 Soles 1 Love, a Post Millennium Retrospective of adidas Trainers

Iamdeadstock Blog 3 Stripes 2 Soles 1 Love

3 Stripes 2 Soles 1 Love, a Post Millennium Retrospective of adidas Trainers is a book recently released by Manchester adidas trainer enthusiast, Danny Morton. It focuses on what he believes are the best adidas releases from 2000 up until the end of 2015. In a break away from the usual vintage collectors books, Danny […]