Good old Adi Dassler started developing sports shoes as early as 1924 with notable gold winning wearers including Jessie Owens at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In 1949, he restarts his business post the war and registers a shoe that incorporates the soon-to-be-famous 3 stripes ///.

Innovation lies at the heart of everything adidas does and notable examples have included the development of lightweight stud boots worn by the winning 1954 German World Cup team, the Telstar football used at the 1970 World Cup to allow for easier viewing on black and white tv's and the 1984 Micropacer runner with its inbuilt computer delivering athlete statistics at a time when computers were not commonplace.

Today, whether you're an athlete or a fashionista, adidas delivers an eclectic range of sports shoes and apparel for every sport, every fashion and every style. Reissues of classic styles and old favourites in new materials offer a modern take on yesterday's classics and means adidas continues to lead the field in fashion sport footwear.

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