Stone Island Shadow Project at Iamdeadstock

For those that don’t know, Shadow Project was born from Stone Island company owner (and legend!) Carlo Rivetti collaborating with the independent brand agency Acronym from as early as 2008.

Starting out initially as simply a hot bed of ideas and concepts, design boundaries were soon pushed with the program taking advantage of Stone Island’s massive garment and material archive and dyeing techniques alongside Acronym’s renowned performance and technical genius.

The outcome is an uber-modern take on urban streetwear that fuses meticulous tailoring and gritty idiosyncratic styling.  Expect innovative and versatile designs, niche jackets and parkas, sleek finishes, moody colours and hues, experimental fabrics and subtle Shadow Project branding cues.

And why call it Shadow Project? Pretty straightforward really, the Project was named Shadow to underline the close relationship between the design juggernaut that is Stone Island and the Munich-based agency.

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